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Waterfall Beef Salad

9 oz rib eye steak or pork grilled medium rare, thinly sliced, then mixed with lime juice, thai herbs, onion, scallions, cilantro, and roasted rice

Seaweed Salad - Catering

With sesame dressing.

Yum Steak Salad - Catering

Lettuce with ribeye, tomatoes, red onions, peppers, carrots, fish sauce, cucumber, garlic, and lime juice.

House Salad - Catering

Iceberg lettuce with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and your choice of dressing.

Fresh Thai Salads: A Delicious Selection

Fresh Thai Salads: A Delicious Selection
Looking for fresh Thai salads? Try our Som Tum with papaya, or Yum Woon Sen with glass noodles. Our salads are bursting with vibrant flavors and textures. From tangy dressings to crunchy vegetables, our salads are a delightful way to start your meal.

Convenient Thai Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient Thai Delivery and Pickup Options
Enjoy convenient Thai delivery and pickup options. Indulge in fresh salads, pad Thai, and green curry from the comfort of your home. Our restaurant offers hassle-free online ordering for quick pickup or delivery straight to your door. Savor authentic Thai flavors without leaving your house.

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