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Tom Yum Goong Soup - Catering

Clear broth with shrimp, lemongrass, hot peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and lime juice.

Garlic & Pepper Fish

Fish lightly battered then deep fried, topped with fresh garlic, mixed vegetables, and black pepper sauce. Fillet preparation

Sweet & Sour Duck

Duck lightly battered then deep fried and topped with sweet and sour sauce and pineapples, cucumber, tomatoes, and celery

Tom Yum Goong Soup

Hot and sour shrimp. Fresh gulf shrimp cooked with a mixture of lemon grass, fresh garden spices, hot pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, and fresh lime juice in a clear broth

Duck Pineapple Curry

Red curry paste, coconut milk broth, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, fresh basil, and sweet pineapple served with jasmine rice

Three Spice Fish

Fish lightly battered then deep fried. Topped with our house-special chili sauce on a bed of mixed vegetables. Filet Preparation

Pad Thai Noodle

Rice noodles, stir-fried with eggs, bean sprout, thai red sauce, and green onion, garnished with fresh bean sprouts and peanuts on the side

Fried Ice Cream

Fried Wonton

Seasoned ground pork and shrimp in wonton skin, golden fried and served with sweet sauce

Sweet & Sour

Choice of meat sautéed with cucumber, tomato, onion, celery, and pineapple in a sweet and sour sauce

Pineapple Fried Rice

Recommended! Tropical style fried rice with sweet pineapple, dried raisin, cashew nuts, and a combination of chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp

Tempura Cheesecake with Ice Cream

Sweet Sticky Rice with Ice Mango

House Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir-fried lightly with eggs, onion, tomato, and scallion in brown house sauce

Cheese Roll

Spring rolls filled with cream cheese, shrimp, and seasoning with our special plum sauce

Basil Meat

Choice of meat sautéed with onion, bell pepper, fresh garden basil, and special house pepper sauce with fresh garlic

Royal Seafood

Combination of shrimp, calamari, scallops, and mussels sautéed with shrimp paste and a reddish-brown sauce with a mixture of vegetables served with jasmine rice

Chicken on Fire

Tempura chicken on top of mixed vegetables in a special red sweet chili & garlic sauce and a side of jasmine rice

Shrimp Tempura

Whole black tiger shrimp and vegetables lightly battered and tempura fried. Served with sweet sauce

Shrimp in a Blanket

Marinated shrimp wrapped in rice paper skin and lightly deep fried. Served with thai chili sweet and sour sauce

Yellow Curry

Your choice of meat in yellow curry sauce with onion, potato, and carrot

Soft Shell Crabs

Lightly battered and deep fried, topped with mixed vegetables and fresh garlic in thick brown sauce

Bangkok Seafood

Combination of seafood sautéed with minced chicken, mixed in a yellow curry sauce on a bed of mixed vegetables

Garlic & Pepper

Choice of meat marinated with house garlic sauce, pan fried and topped with mixed vegetables and fresh garlic

Sate Goong

Grilled shrimp marinated in thai herbs and coconut curry served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Pad Lemongrass (Traditional)

Choice of marinated meat sautéed with sun-dried chili paste, fresh lemongrass, onions, green onions, and mushrooms in our home-made chili sauce and a side of jasmine rice.

Green Curry

Your choice of meat in green curry sauce with bamboo shoots, bell pepper, string beans, snow peas, and fresh basil

Tempura Banana with Ice Cream

Ginger Meat

Fresh ginger with your choice of meat, sautéed onion, black mushroom, pepper, and fresh scallion in a light brown sauce

Red Curry

Your choice of meat in thin coconut red curry broth with bamboo shoots, bell pepper, and fresh basil

Crab Meat Fried Rice

Substitute brown rice at request. Snow crab meat with jasmine rice stir-fried lightly with eggs, onions, tomato, and scallion in our brown house sauce

Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

Waterfall Beef Salad

9 oz rib eye steak or pork grilled medium rare, thinly sliced, then mixed with lime juice, thai herbs, onion, scallions, cilantro, and roasted rice

Drunken Noodle

Rice stick noodles stir-fried with eggs, garlic, onion, mushroom, tomato, carrot, and fresh basils in brown sauce

Thai Lo Mein

Egg noodles sautéed with mixed vegetables and eggs in brown house sauce

Basil Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir-fried lightly with eggs, onions, green onions, and fresh basil in spicy brown garlic sauce

Four in One

A combination of our most popular appetizers: crispy spring rolls, cheese rolls, chicken satay, and crab cake

Pot Stickers (Gyoza)

Traditional Japanese pot stickers pan fried and served with a light dip vinaigrette

Massaman Curry

Your choice of meat in massaman curry sauce with potato, onion, and roasted peanuts

Delicious Thai Dinner Options

Delicious Thai Dinner Options
Indulge in a flavorful Thai dinner. Savor our Pad Thai, Green Curry, or Tom Yum soup. Our dinner menu offers a variety of authentic Thai dishes. Enjoy a relaxing evening with our delicious dinner options. Join us for a memorable dining experience.

Convenient Thai Takeout and Delivery Options

Convenient Thai Takeout and Delivery Options
Satisfy your Thai cravings with our convenient takeout and delivery options. Enjoy classics like Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Tom Yum soup from the comfort of your home. Order online for quick pickup or have your favorite dishes delivered right to your door.

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