Lunch Menu

Napasorn Thai Restaurant


Crispy Spring Rolls/Veggie Spring Roll $3.95

Crispy spring rolls filled with ground
chicken & vegetables served with our
sweet sauce.

Soft Spring Roll$4.95

Julienne lettuce, shrimp, carrots & noodles
wrapped in fresh spring roll skin with
peanut sauce.

Mussel Clay Pot $8.95

Half shell green mussel steamed with fresh
basil, lime zest, & lemon grass in clay pot
served with special lemony chili sauce.

Thai Fish Cake $6.95

A popular Thai bite of minced fish blended
in red curry paste with lime leaf & green
bean then pan fried. Served with cucumber
salad in light vinaigrette.

Pot Stickers (Gyoza)$5.95

Traditional Japanese pot stickers pan-fried
& served with a lightdip vinaigrette.

Nice Wings $7.95

Boneless stuffed chicken wings with minced
chicken, bamboo shoots, clear noodles, &
onion served with a sweet sauce.

Cheesie Roll$3.95

Spring rolls filled with cream cheese,
shrimp & seasoning with our special
plum sauce.

Sate Gai/Sate Goong$6.95

Grilled chicken or shrimp, marinated in
Thai herbs & coconut curry served with
peanut sauce & cucumber salad.

Tempura Tofu or Vegetables$5.95

Tempura tofu or Vegetables served with
sweet sauce.

Crab Cake$8.95

Snow crab meat pan fried & served
with mixed green salad topped with
peanut sauce.

Shrimp in a Blanket$6.95

Marinated shrimp wrapped in rice paper
skin & lightly deep fried, served with
Thai chili sweet & sour sauce.


Steamed Japanese soy bean
lightly salted.

Golden Toast $6.95

Bread spread with a mixture of pork &
shrimp deep fried. Served with cucumber
salad on the side.

Mee Krob$6.95

Crispy thin rice noodles mixed with a sweet
tamarind sauce. Served with fresh bean
sprouts & scallion topped with diced
chicken & shrimp.

Tempura Calamari or Mussel$7.95

Lightly battered, deep fried calamari tossed
with salt & pepper served with a sweet &
sour sauce.

Shrimp Tempura $7.95

Whole black tiger shrimp & vegetables
lightly battered & tempura then served with
sweet sauce.

Fried Wonton$6.95

Seasoned ground pork & shrimp in wonton skin
golden fried,served with sweet sauce.

Four in One$10.95

A combination of our most popular appetizers;
crispy spring rolls, cheese rolls, chicken sate, &
crab cake.


Poh Taek (King of the Sea)$5.95

A combination of shrimp, squid, scallop &
mussels with thai Herbs, tomatoes, mushroom,
basil, fresh lime juice in a clear hot broth
topped with scallion & cilantro.

Tom Ka Gai
(Chicken Coconut Soup)$4.95

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a
mixture of lemon grass, fresh garden spices,
hot pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms,fresh
lime juice & coconut milk.

Tom Yum Goong (Hot & sour shrimp)$4.95

Fresh Gulf shrimp cooked with a mixture of
lemon grass, fresh garden spices, hot pepper,
tomatoes, mushrooms & fresh lime juice in a
clear broth.

Wonton Soup $3.95

Stuffed wonton in clear chicken broth
topped with freshscallion & cilantro.

Chicken Napa Soup$3.95

Minced chicken, Napa lettuce & clear noodles in
clearbroth topped with onion & cilantro.

House Salad$5.95

Iceberg lettuce with cucumber, tomatoes,
carrots, & onions served with our house
peanut or ginger dressing.

Nam Sod Gai
(Fresh Ginger Chicken Salad)$10.95

Minced pork or chicken tossed in lime juice
then mixed with onions, ginger, roasted
peanuts on a bed of iceberg lettuce.

Yum Woon Sen
(Crystal Noodle Salad) $11.95

Imported bean threads mixed with boiled
shrimp, finely chopped chicken breast, tomatoes,
yellow & red onion, pepper, lettuce, carrots, fish
sauce, garlic, fresh lime juice, topped with
roasted cashew nuts.

Seaweed Salad$4.95

Traditional Japanese green seaweed tossed
in a light sesame dressing

Yum Seafood
(Thai Herbs Seafood Salad)

Shrimp or combination seafood tossed in
lime juice,mixed with chili paste, red
onions, lime zest, & scallions on a bed of

Yum Ped (Spices Duck Salad)$18.95

Boneless Long Island duck soaked in lime juice,
mixed with onions scallions, pepper, mixed with
special Thai dressing on a bed of lettuce.

Yum Steak or Chicken Thai Salad)$

Steak $18.95 / Chicken $11.95
Pieces of rib eye or boneless breast of chicken
grilled over an open fire then mixed with
tomatoes, red onion, pepper, lettuce, carrots,
fish sauce, cucumber, garlic & fresh lime juice.


Choice of :

Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, or Veg $9.95
Combo Meat $10.95
Seafood or Shrimp$11.95
Duck or Fish$11.95

(Entrees dish served with white Rice. Substitute brown rice $2, Fried Rice $3, Noodles $2)

Basil Meat

Choice of meat sautéed with onion, bell
pepper, fresh garden basil & special
house pepper sauce with fresh garlic.

Garlic and Pepper

Choice of meat marinated with house
garlic sauce, pan-fried and topped with
mix vegetables & fresh garlic.

Sweet and Sour

Choice of meat sautéed with cucumber,
tomato, onion, celery& pineapple in a
sweet & sour sauce.

Ginger Meat

Fresh ginger with choice of meat, sautéed
onion, black mushroom, pepper & fresh
scallion in a light brown sauce.

Bangkok Seafood

Combination of seafood sautéed with
mined chicken mixed in a yellow curry
sauce on a bed of mixed vegetables.

Soft Shell Crabs

Lightly battered deep fried topped with
mixed vegetables & fresh garlic in thick
brown sauce.

Cashew Nut

Choice of marinated meat sautéed with garlic,
pepper, celery, onion, & roasted cashew nuts in
our special brown sauce.

Mix Vegetables or Broccoli

Choice of meat sautéed with broccoli or mixed
vegetable & fresh garlic in a thin brown sauce

Pad Phet

Your choice of meat sautéed with sliced bamboo
shoots, mushroom and basil in red curry paste.

Pepper Steak

Beef sliced & marinated, sautéed with pepper &
onion, sesame oil and brown house sauce.


Three Spice Fish/Duck

Fish lightly battered then deep-fried
topped with our house special chili sauce
on a bed of mix vegetable.

Happy Fish/Duck

Fish lightly battered then deep-fried
topped with minced pork,mushroom,
ginger with a light brown sauce.

Garlic & Pepper Fish/Duck

Fish lightly battered then deep-fried topped
with fresh garlic, mix vegetables and black
pepper sauce.

Panang fish/Duck

Fish lightly battered then deep-fried topped
with panang curry sauce with bell pepper,
fresh basil, and snow peas.

Sweet & Sour Fish/Duck

Fish lightly battered then deep-fried topped
with sweet and sour sauce and pineapples,
cucumber, tomatoes and celery

Honey Fish /Duck

Boneless Long Island duck with honey, garlic
& ginger sauce on an assortment of steamed


Red Curry

Choice of meat in thin coconut red curry
broth with bamboo shoots, bell pepper and
fresh basil.

Mussamun Curry

Choice of meat in mad-sa-man curry sauce
with potato, onion& roasted peanuts.

Panang Curry

Choice of meat in panang curry sauce with
bell pepper & fresh basil and snow peas.

Yellow Curry

Choice of meat in yellow curry sauce with
onion, potato &carrot.

Green Curry

Choice of meat in green curry sauce with
bamboo shoots, bell pepper, string beans,
snow peas & fresh basil.


Pad Thai

Rice noodles, stir fried with eggs, bean
sprout, Thai red sauce,green onion,
Garnished with fresh bean sprouts and
peanuts on the side.

Pad Woon Sen (Clear noodles)

Clear glass noodles sautéed with eggs, mix
colorful vegetables in brown house sauce.

Drunken Noodles

Rice stick noodles stir fried with eggs, garlic,
onion, mushroom,tomato, carrot, fresh basils
in brown sauce.

Thai Lomien

Egg noodles sautéed with mix vegetables
and eggs in brown house sauce.

Pad Se-ew (House noodles)

Rice thick noodles stir fried in sweet
brown garlic sauce with eggsand broccoli.

Bangkok Delight

Mince chicken marinated in yellow curry
paste mixed with onion, diced tomato,
fresh garlic & pepper poured over pan
fried thick rice noodles on top of a bed of

House Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir-fried lightly with eggs, onion,
tomato & scallion in brown house sauce.

Basil Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir-fried lightly with eggs,
onions, green onions and fresh basil in spicy
brown garlic sauce.